“Le Sabot” will cook for the Sommer, Sonne, Antifa! Festival 2019

We are happy to announce that “Le Sabot”, the activist mobile
kitchen, is going to cook with us at Sommer, Sonne, Antifa!  Le Sabot
activists cook organic and vegan food for political and non-commercial
events, as a way to fight and resist exploitation. ‘Sabot’ is French
for wooden shoe, which the workers threw in the machines to sabotage
The action kitchen sees cooking as part of an infrastructure that 
provides care to people for meetings and actions, nourishing and 
providing a source of energy for people. But it is also a way to have 
political discussions with those they cook for.
Le Sabot will offer three delicious meals per day which are included in
the ticket price. However, we appreciate it if people who can pay more
make a additional donation. This helps the people who have less money.
For Sommer, Sonne, Antifa!, helping hands are needed in the kitchen.
So, if you want to help attend the camp meetings, where all tasks that
need to be done are allocated. If you want to learn more about 
cooking for big groups, send an e-mail to: lesabot{a}nadir.org or
come to the kitchen tent.